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Monday, March 4, 2013

Its here. Leaner, meaner and a brand new One touch expenser

Finally, a brand new version of One touch expenser has been released for Android 4 and above devices. Its a complete overhaul of the app to match closely the modern direct Android app ecosystem is moving towards.

Here are some of the awesome new features of the new version:
0. Awesome new main screen. Looks very good. Holo theme throughout.
1. Customizable main screen. You choose what you want to see first.
2. Sliding menu for finding stuff easily.
3. Pattern security locking. Finally, you can lock down the app from prying eyes!!
4. Summary page to see your monthly summary at one place and also previous months data.
5. Reminders. See what's due within the coming week or the month.
6. Swipe UI. A natural UI for touchscreen. Accomplish majority of tasks by swiping. Swipe for previous or next month in transactions, summary etc.
7. Tidbits which show information to be looked at in the Sliding menu drawer.
8. Resizable widget for Jellybean devices. Need not just be 4*1 for quick actions. Resize and widget shows only as many actions as it can show properly.
9. Rich notifications for Reminders. No more popup when a reminder arrives. A notification and you can indicate paid or not from the notification itself.
10. Enhanced Detailed summary page. Details are now nicely shown.
11. Income and expense seperated in the summary page. Earlier, summary page looked ugly and confusing.
12. Enhanced add transaction and reminder page. No more ugly, confusing, uninspiring design for the add transaction page.
13. Holo theme throughout. The app takes holo light theme to its heart.
14. Consistent coloring throughout. Expense is always red. Income is always green.
15. Enhanced transactions page. No need to do harlem shake with your head to see the full transaction details in the Transactions page. All details showed in the middle.
16. Perfectly follows Android design principles.
17. So many more features in the pipeline. I can't stop getting excited. Are you too?

Your dear One touch expenser developer.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Android UI patterns session at Bangalore Android group meetup

While One touch expenser was not known for its UI, its all changed in the version 3.0 released yesterday(March 2nd). UI is a pure Android experience. Below is the presentation I had the privilege of sharing with Bangalore Android Group at a recent meetup.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Long time no see?

For those who are wondering why no updates for the last month, worry not. The app is going through a huge redesign and the new design is going be beyond your expectations. The update should hit you within next two weeks if all goes well. Here's sneak peak into the new update.

Monday, January 7, 2013

One touch expenser at Android App Expo 2013, Bangalore

We had a great privilege of having been invited to Android App Expo at Bangalore. It was an incredible experience to receive appreciation and useful feedback from the delegates, android experts and Googlers. The biggest plus of the expo was the suggestions received from all.

We are very hard at work to implement some of the very good suggestions provided at the Expo and make One touch expenser even more awesome than it already is.

Following improvements are planned for One touch expenser within the next month:
* Password locking.
* Better UI for adding an expense, reminder.
* Customizable widgets.
* Reminders improvements.
* Custom reports while exporting data.

And lot more. Happy new year..