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Monday, March 26, 2012

Expenser.in. Entering the post-PC era.

We are hard at work to improve One Touch Expenser and have decided to plunge into one of the most hyped subject, the Post-PC era.

iPhone and rise of Android heralded the Post-PC era and now tablets and iPad are fast forwarding us to an era where PC is just one of the many companion devices. Seamless experience between devices will be the key for any software to be useful going forward and that's what we aim to do with our new website Expenser.in.

More details coming soon!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Budgetting is the new feature which will debut on the one touch expenser app. Budgetting is a nice little feature which will allow you to set overall monthly budget, and budget for individual tags.

Once you set the budget, you can see the total budget, remaining amount spent everything on the homepage for total monthly budget.

In summary section, along with the total amount spent in a Tag criteria, you can also see the budget allocated for the tag and remaining for the tag.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Feedback for the app.

I have been getting feedback for the app from many people. Thought of posting some of them. I'm going to concentrate on the areas of improvement rather than compliments since they are the ones which help in improving the app.

1. Intuitiveness. Though the app looked good, it still is not intuitive enough. Hope to improve intuitiveness as the app matures. If there is one area which calls for complete focus, it is this.
2. Reminders: Can the app remind us daily even though there were no pending transactions recorded through 1 touch or camera? This is an idea if done right, can be very much helpful.
3. Summary page. Small problems with it. I have to confess that summary page was not planned for the first release and was an after thought. Will be significantly improved in the coming versions.

If you have any other let us know. This is the only way to enhance the app for easier use.

Market Link: https://market.android.com/details?id=org.blrdroid.expenseapp

Direct link to install from phone: market://details?id=org.blrdroid.expenseapp

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The app is in android market.

One touch expenser is in market. This is the link:  https://market.android.com/details?id=org.blrdroid.expenseapp

You can directly install the app using the link: market://details?id=org.blrdroid.expenseapp

Version 0.3 has just been released. Since this is a new app, brace yourself for a fast update schedule till the app stabilizes :-)

Friday, March 2, 2012

One Touch Expenser android app.

The aim of one touch expenser is not to be loaded with features but to be intuitive and easy to use.

Target audience
Anyone who wants to keep track of their day to day personal expenses and analyse their spending patterns to cut down unnecessary expenses.

The app is not for: 
Not a comprehensive expense manager. This does not support multiple accounts, currencies, reconciling etc etc. If your aim is to track your business expenses then the app is not for you.

Inspired from the difficulties faced in recording the expenses with the current expense manager apps in the market. Forgetting to enter expenses was the biggest problem in maintaining expense records. 
It was not the problem with apps per se. It was my own problem that I kept forgetting to enter the expenses. An app cannot help me if I do not record my expenses!!

How this app is different
So does is this app magically know all my expenses without me entering my expenses?!? No. You still have to enter the data :). Its all about ease of recording your expense. 

Right time to record your expense:
Right time is the moment you spend your money. That moment when you swipe your card or hand over the cash is the moment you should record it. But... It is so difficult to enter the data on the move. 

Problem with current apps:
After I fill up my gas tank, I should stop my car, take out my phone, open the app, enter the amount, enter note, select the Automobile category, then Fuel sub category, save. exit. Phew!! I neither have time nor patience for it. So what do I do? I'll think, let me record it once I reach the place. Then I'm busy and I will not remember to enter data. After 3-4 days, when you are entering your expenses, you will start remembering and it becomes a mess.

One Touch Expenser?
With one touch expenser, after I fill up my gas tank, I will simply touch the One touch button on the widget and I'm done. I need not do anything else.
Then in the evening, when I'm home relaxing, phone will remind me to fill up the details of the expense. Since the expenses are for the same day, I can easily remember details of all the transactions I made. Even if I'm unable to enter details at the time, I will be reminded the next day. Phone will show me the date and time to help me remembering the transaction.
You can snap a photo if it helps to remember the details as well.

One Touch Expenser wins 2nd prize in the Global Android Devcamp '12 Bangalore edition

One touch expenser is runners up in the GADC '12 Bangalore edition!! Link here: http://blog.blrdroid.org/?p=539